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Mattress Reviews and Endorsements

From Serafina & Derek on Sat, March 9, 2013 1:07 pm

We were pleased to find Rainer and The Mattress Organic when we were recently shopping for a natural latex mattress. We knew we were interested in this type of mattress, but were uneasy ordering something offline that we had never experienced before. Rainer is very knowledgeable and has a showroom where you can try different latex layer combinations so that you can feel confident about experiencing what you are ordering. We felt that the SavvyRest brand was a great value when compared to other brands and Rainer was an honest, kind, and helpful resource. The whole process, which could have been stressful, was instead easy and fun. We are loving our new mattress and so glad we found The Mattress Organic! Thank you Rainer!!

Rhintek Computer Engineering

From Gina Palladino

Hello Rainer,

Some time ago, I said I would send you my endorsement of your products and service. I've had a few months to experience the difference. Here are my words of praise:

"After sleeping on my new latex mattress from Rhintek for several months, I've found it has made a significant difference in my life. My mornings and days are no longer filled with any back, hip or neck pain. During the night, my sleep is deeper because of the proper support the mattress offers. With a better night's sleep, I feel more energetic and less irritable during the day.

Last week, I stayed at a friend's home to care for them during an illness. I slept on a traditional bed for several nights and really felt the difference. My sleep was fitful and I woke up each morning with that old familiar pain. After returning home and sleeping on my latex bed, I felt better within a day.

In addition to the comfort the bed offers, I also feel good about the environmental benefits of buying an organic mattress.

Rhintek also provided me with a wooden bed frame and organic cotton bedding. Both are of superior quality and have enhanced my experience with my new bed.

Rhintek offered wonderful service and support during the whole process. They were especially accommodating when I needed to make an adjustment with my mattress. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a latex bed."

Gina Palladino
Silver Tree Consulting, Inc.
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F: 801-858-7451

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Rhintek Computer Engineering