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Organic Latex Mattress Summary

Organic Serenity Mattress
Organic Serenity Mattress

Organic has come to mean that the product comes from an animal or plant without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Green means that the product and the factories that made it were operated in an environmentally responsible way.

Latex is a type of rubber that originally came from the tropical rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis).

Synthetic Latex was developed during WWII when natural latex became hard to get. Synthetic latex is referred to as SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), and generally mixed with natural latex.

Ticking, or mattress covering, is usually made of cotton (organic cotton in our case) with a layer of (organic) wool quilted into the top cover. The wool is required to meet the government flammability requirements. Persons with wool allergies need to get a doctor's prescription in order to buy a mattress that does not meet the fire safety standards. Note: Most wool allergies are reactions to the chemical used on the wool rather than the wool itself. Ask for a sample of our organic wool to test your sensitivity.

Why Buy Our Organic Latex Mattresses?

  1. hypo-allergenic and resistant to fungus, bacteria, molds, and dust mites,

  2. no chemical out gassing since we use natural organic materials with no added chemicals used in manufacturing or for fire retardation. Other mattresses are dipped in PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) and have about one and one half pounds of this chemical in each mattress for fire retardation. Note: PBDE’s are banned in Europe because they are reported to cause cancer (like PCB's).

  3. latex is considered the most comfortable mattress material for the human body, and the open cell foam structure permits air flow, eliminating moisture collection and hot spots,

  4. little motion transferred to sleeping partner,

  5. the firmness is customizable for each sleeper. On queen and king sized beds a different firmness can be specified on each side of the bed,

  6. no springs or internal metal structure to attract EMF (electromotive force) fields,

  7. no squeaks, rattles, pump sounds, or other noises caused by the mattress,

  8. mattress can be disassembled and rolled up for moving,

  9. can be used on an adjustable bed without alteration,

  10. all mattress materials are biodegradable,

  11. ticking can be removed for dry-cleaning, (spot cleaning preferred).

  12. life cycle cost is lower than other mattress types since a 100% latex mattress can be expected to last 3 times as long as other mattress materials,

  13. our pricing is at or below other high end mattresses, and we don’t have sales or discounts to make you wonder if someone else got it for a lower price,

  14. 90 day comfort exchange warrantee, 20 year defects warrantee,

The manufacturer of the mattress is Savvy Rest, Inc. We are authorized dealers for their products. Their web site, “”, provides additional answers to many questions. Our goal is to provide local support and product demonstrations.

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