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An Organic Latex Mattress Showroom

Organic Mattresses are Fun!
Organic Latex Mattresses are Such Fun!

Thank you for coming to our website!

Organic latex foam mattresses are different. We created these pages as a guide to what makes latex foam a superior mattress material and to explain the importance of natural, green, ethical products which have been certified by third party auditors. Peruse the pages at your leisure to get a foundation in the current mattress options.

BUT seeing and trying the mattresses yourself is absolutely required. With all the different firmness combinations available, you owe it to yourself to get a good feel for what organic latex mattresses are like and how supportive and comfortable a sleep surface they provide.

Our organic mattress showroom is scent-free and hypoallergenic with a first-class air filtration system. It is simply furnished using best-practice dust mite reduction techniques. Bed frames are made in Maine from natural wood with a low VOC finish.

We have a knowledgeable staff who have been successfully sleeping on our organic latex mattresses for years. These dedicated and well-rested individuals are available for appointments at YOUR convenience. Daytime, evening, weekend, holidays, with childcare, with special attention to extra needs such as food or contact allergies... these are just some of the ways which we can customize our showroom.

We do all this so you can focus on your organic latex mattress showroom experience and discover the custom firmnesses you (and your human sleeping partner(s)) prefer.

Contact us now and enjoy a visit in our organic latex mattress showroom soon!

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