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Organic Latex Mattress Engineering

a division of Rhintek LLC

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Rubber Tree Farm

Rhintek has been incorporated since 1977 as a high tech/engineering company. Since that time there have been many diverse projects. Some of these projects were directed to a specific client, while others became the basis of a continuing product line for Rhintek.

This project started when someone needed a new mattress and started trying to figure out the engineering behind an ideal mattress. This web site tries to explain our research, viewpoints, discoveries, and tradeoffs. For those of you who just want our conclusion, go to the product section and see what we are offering; make an appointment, and get fitted for your "ideal" (at least for now) mattress.

Please note: The opinions expressed are the result of the information we could find as well as the testing that we have done. The results and conclusions may not be right for you or any particular situation. You must be the final judge about your needs and the fitness of any particular product to your body.

These webpages are an ongoing project. We want to approach helping you in selecting your "ideal" mattress from a different, more scientific, viewpoint. We can tell you that latex is the best mattress material, and that going 100% organic is a wise decision, but you must come to those conclusions by your own research. If you have any thoughts, corrections, or suggestions, please drop us a note.

Rainer McCown
Rhintek LLC
Columbia, MD 21045

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If you live near Columbia, Maryland, or if you are going to be passing through our area, call: (410)730-2575
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